Quick Knit iPhone Cover

Soon after Christmas, I upgraded from a Blackberry Curve to an iPhone 4s.  That’s a big upgrade–and I am so happy.  I can’t afford the iPhone 5, however nice it might be;  besides, compared to a Blackberry Curve, this is new fangled, high-tech stuff.  Since I have been using a school issued iPad and MacBook Air, the transition was a piece of cake, and I already had a full arsenal of apps in my iCloud.

What I didn’t have was a case.  After doing a Facebook survey regarding insurance, most of the response said skip it, but get a good case.  A friend said I could try an Otterbox Defender before I bought, but before she could get that to me, I needed something quick to keep the phone from getting scratched in my purse.  What to do in such a predicament?  Knit one, of course.  So I did…on the drive to and from Costco (about 30 minutes).  And while it is a little crooked, the bulky yarn does a good job protecting it.1490_10151205931395886_731099881_n

Isn’t it cute?  I love that I learned how to knit.  I find myself examining the pattern of anything I see knit…especially scarves and hats.  I will see something, and think (with a silent scoff), “Why buy that?  I could knit it…”  My husband does the same thing whenever we see anything nice made out of wood:  “We don’t need to buy that; I could build it.”

You, too?

I feel a bit silly even providing a pattern for this…if I could make it up, so could any novice knitter, I think.

But here it is anyway:  Quick and Easy Mobile Phone Case

I have since purchased my own Otterbox Defender.  I love everything about the case but the air bubbles between the screens.  I’ve googled solutions without success.  I may actually cut the protector screen off and use another film protector…or just go back to my knit cozy.

2 thoughts on “Quick Knit iPhone Cover

  1. I feel the same way about things made out of wood. I tend to have an over-inflated view of my abilities, but it always seems easy…… except for that need for precise measurement.


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