That Was Then This is Now

Today is my eldest son’s eleventh birthday.  He is smart, handsome, funny and I am very proud of him.  He is also only about 4 inches shy of being my height.

So, on this important occasion, I decided to look back and consider what things have changed in my life from when he was brand new until today.  I’m not really talking about the obvious stuff:  I am older…I am heavier…I have two children…I have a giant Newfoundland…my cholesterol is higher…my knees are lower…

Instead, I wanted to see how I was different from my younger self in less obvious ways.

So here it goes:

I am actually taller, by 1/4 inch, thanks to my chiropractor.  Not quite 5 feet yet, but closer.

I eat green beans.  Not the disgusting mushy ones from a can, but ones lightly sautéed in EVVO and balsamic vinegar.  I also eat asparagus.

I don’t smoke.  It’s been nearly four years.

I don’t drink Diet Coke, which was once practically synonymous with my name.  It’s been six weeks.

I’m not as obsessed with a clean house.  I used to not be able to relax when the house was a mess.  Now I can–I don’t always like it, but I have come to realize that I don’t want to spend my free time after work cleaning up after 2 boys and a slobbery Newfie.

I knit passably well.

I don’t remember what it is like to be bored.

I am now a Nationally Board Certified teacher.

I drink beer–I hadn’t done that since college.  Mostly Coors Light because it tastes the best of the low-calorie beers, though I prefer a Session or Kokanee or Stella D’Artois.  Or my neighbor’s home-brewed Ginger Beer.  I used to drink wine–mostly Sauvignon Blanc–but after babies I now get a headache while I drink the first glass.  Boo.

I garden, providing all sorts of yummy goodness for our table.  In addition, I am actively involved in the Columbia Falls Community Garden.  I learned how to can food.

I don’t know what it is like to not wake up to the slightest sound.

I cook…and I even regularly use more than 4-5 ingredients.  I can even improvise, although I still like the safety of a recipe.

Added 2/14/13:  I care more about avoiding things such as GMOs, pesticides, commercial fertilizers, etc.

Just a few things…I’m sure there are more.  Without question, I am different because I am a mom to two completely awesome kids whom I adore and enjoy.  I am less selfish, more contemplative, more realistic, and a whole lot sillier.  And I am very, very happy.  I was happy 11 years ago…but I also had  anxiety about too many things.  While I still worry, I am better recognizing what I can control and what I cannot, which has permitted me to release senseless feelings of disquiet.

Vita bonum est.

preganant croppedWhat about you?  In what small ways have you changed over the last decade?



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