Why Your Carrots Should Really be Organic

My family eats carrots all the time. My youngest son has to be admonished to stop eating carrots so he will eat the rest of his dinner. We already know that garden carrots are tastier than any carrot available in the store–but we eat them so fast that our garden supply is gone by October. I will need to figure out how to keep carrots through the winter–maybe we can dig a root cellar.

Bottom line…with the amount of carrots we eat, they need to be pesticide-free!

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Why Your Carrots Really Should Be Organic Carrots

The very same reason that makes carrots so nutritious – their ability to absorb up so many nutrients from the soil – is also the reason why they are so good at absorbing up pesticides and even heavy metals from the ground they’re in.

A farmer who was a friend of the family once told me that when they are having trouble growing vegetables in a field, they put carrots in for a season and they’ll absorb up all the ‘crap’ from the ground so other vegetables can grow again. He said these carrots went for stock feed, but I doubt that’s always the case. Ever since then I’ve always bought organic carrots.

Pesticides in Carrots:

I really don’t want to scare off anyone from eating carrots because they’re so healthy, but unfortunately they also tend to absorb pesticides from the soil they are grown in. Peeling will help, as…

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