Waste Not the Smallest Thing Created…or Leftover

My husband and I have been marveling at this sprig of mint we bought 6 months ago in July.  We purchased it to use in my father-in-law’s wondrous mojitos, placing it in the shot glass we received as a favor at a friend’s wedding.  It is still there. Growing.  Rooting. Flourishing as much as it can in a tall shot glass filled with tap water.

photo (7)

Tonight, as I was chopping celery for dinner, I wondered if you could easily regrow celery leftovers in a sunny window.  Turns out you can, along with a number of other kitchen oddments.  It makes a lot of sense to me–and even better sense if you start with organically grown kitchen scraps.

Here is a list of the various links I found that will help me, and hopefully you, “recycle” our kitchen scraps:

Happy recycling!

Have you had success re-growing your kitchen scraps?  What have you tried? Do you have any tips for me?



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