What I Knit Today

My first ever sock! Well…I guess Murphy’s stocking is technically my first sock, but it didn’t seem sock-like. And actually, I frogged and reknit the heel-foot-toe of this one so many times that I feel as if I’ve actually knit 4 or 5 socks, but this is my finished product, at last.

These (when I finish the other one) will go with the hat I knit earlier this week. There are a TON of mistakes in this…clearly picking up and knitting is not my strength, and my kitchener stitch needs practice…but it looks like a sock to me!

Forgive me for posting before I finish its pair. I’m doing a little celebratory “I knit a sock” dance. Cross your fingers…I think I might be able to make the next one the same size!

photo (17)

The pattern is The Perfect Little Baby Sock.

Update! All of the pieces together:


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