What I am Knitting Today

What I am Knitting Today

It is teacher present time of year. Last year, I waited until the last week and had to knit 8 wash cloths (ok…I didn’t have to…) during the busiest time of the school year.

This year I wised up a bit. First of all, I started earlier to relieve some stress. Secondly, I am only doing one wash cloth (ok…maybe two…) per teacher, albeit with fancier patterns. I will go to a local store called Sage and Cedar to buy rough cut soaps to go with them.

This pattern is called “Scottish Fleet Square“. I am using Lily Sugar n’ Cream, and the colorway is Denim.

5 thoughts on “What I am Knitting Today

  1. That is really beautiful. A really great gift! I really appreciate your talent. I’ve been working on a shawl and I’ve had to restart it probably 15 times, and I’m not exaggerating. I started it in the fall … you know ….a project to do on those cold winter evenings, and now it’s almost May and I tore it out again last night. But I am still determined to do it…

    Again, I really appreciate your skill, and now you know why…:)


  2. What are trying to say the teachers smell and need to wash more? I’m sure your husband has already made a similar wise-ass comment. Your a knitting queen


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