My Fascinating To-Do List

I have so much to do.  I’m not really complaining because most of my tasks are self-imposed.

I have essays to grade (I assigned them).

I have garden plots to weed and prep (I decided to have 3 this year).

I have a speech to write (I accepted when asked-yikes).

I need to organize the planting of strawberries and raspberries (I agreed to be the garden director).

I have two more pairs of fingerless mittens to knit (I plan to gift them to my yoga instructors).

I have 4 cabled  wash cloths to knit (teacher presents).

I have a new course to plan (I pitched it).

I need to redo my yard where it was torn up when the garage was being built (Only self-inflicted because I can’t have an ugly yard).

I need to build raised beds for the west side of the new garage (I don’t have to do it this year, but I want to).

I decided to create a new flower bed, and change the shape of another (to accommodate a new path that will lead from our house to the garage).

I also have to teach, clean, parent, be a wife, and play with my dog.

I need to find time to work out.

I have neglected my blog because of this to-do list, which makes me feel guilty.  I decided to combine the two, which probably doesn’t make for fascinating reading (despite the title), but it is helping my organize my thoughts.

So thanks for that!  🙂

Here’s a nice picture to make up for my boring post.  When I get time, I will write a post about the three-day Montana Judicial Institute I just attended.


The view from Apgar Lookout

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color

…standing on the shore in Apgar Village, Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park…


…view from our hotel in Vancouver, BC…


…as seen through Montana’s crystal clear water…


…driving near Helena, MT…

Write text here…