A Walk in River’s Edge Park

It is a gorgeous almost-spring day today.  The sun is shining brightly, warming us through our coats. We decided to take a walk to River’s Edge Park with Murphy the Giant Puppy and the boys.  For its size, Columbia Falls boasts a number of nice parks (11, to be exact).  They contain playground equipment, picnic tables, etc…the normal park trappings.

862701_10151341441895886_728078854_nRiver’s Edge Park is special–it is a wide open space of nearly 30 acres and hosts approximately 900 feet of river front.  It is home to the Columbia Falls Community Garden, where I spend a whole lot of quality time during the growing season.889414_10151341449165886_11003922_oThere is a muskrat pond, two vast fields, and many winding trails throughout our park.889431_10151341417550886_1679454516_oIt is our favorite place to walk the dog.862853_10151341384630886_1497974652_nAnd to watch the birds.862749_10151341414350886_87816034_nTo sit and watch the river flow by.

862829_10151341420685886_91685741_n (1)To throw rocks into the water.

803975_10151341422765886_1868998929_nTo ride bikes.


To take the dog swimming.

Just another reason to feel lucky to live in the Flathead Valley.

Views from a Classroom

Views from a Classroom

Literally – this is the view from my classroom window. This may seem like redundant posting, but I like to mark the seasonal progression.

I am careful where I take the picture, though–there has been a splattering of bird poop on my window since the beginning of the year. I could complain about it, but it seems ridiculous to ask the custodians to make time for my one window. They will get to it.

Gorgeous. Makes me happy–and it is Friday. Happy weekend, everyone!

The mountain on the left is called Teakettle, and the one on the right is Columbia. The canyon though the pair of them leads to Glacier National Park.  I get to see them every day. Lucky me!

Jen’s Ode to GNP

My friend, neighbor and colleague wrote this beautiful explanation of why people move here and why they never leave. This is our backyard…enjoy!


Between my junior and senior year of college, I had the best job ever. I worked as a waitress at Granite Park Chalet, located deep in the heart of Glacier National Park. You can only access the Chalet by hiking a steep four mile trail, called the Loop, or a 7.8 mile trail, called the Highline, which is accessible from Logan Pass. Logan Pass is only accessible approximately three months out of the whole year; during the rest of the year, it is buried in snow.

Twenty years ago when I worked at the chalet, ten women were hired to work there. We all hiked up a week before the chalet opened, in June, through many feet of snow. It had been a big winter, so the pack train of mules could not initially deliver our food. They had to airlift our supplies by helicopter in those…

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