Columbia Falls is Getting a New Brewery!

My good friends and neighbors, Darin and Carla, are finally realizing their dream of opening a brewery–and we are so lucky, because it is going to be right here in Columbia Falls, Montana. I’ve been drinking Darin’s beer for years (especially fond of the Ginger)–and it is amazing.  Everyone thinks so.  Take a peek at the video on their Kickstarter page–and then consider helping them reach their goal.

That Was Then This is Now

Today is my eldest son’s eleventh birthday.  He is smart, handsome, funny and I am very proud of him.  He is also only about 4 inches shy of being my height.

So, on this important occasion, I decided to look back and consider what things have changed in my life from when he was brand new until today.  I’m not really talking about the obvious stuff:  I am older…I am heavier…I have two children…I have a giant Newfoundland…my cholesterol is higher…my knees are lower…

Instead, I wanted to see how I was different from my younger self in less obvious ways.

So here it goes:

I am actually taller, by 1/4 inch, thanks to my chiropractor.  Not quite 5 feet yet, but closer.

I eat green beans.  Not the disgusting mushy ones from a can, but ones lightly sautéed in EVVO and balsamic vinegar.  I also eat asparagus.

I don’t smoke.  It’s been nearly four years.

I don’t drink Diet Coke, which was once practically synonymous with my name.  It’s been six weeks.

I’m not as obsessed with a clean house.  I used to not be able to relax when the house was a mess.  Now I can–I don’t always like it, but I have come to realize that I don’t want to spend my free time after work cleaning up after 2 boys and a slobbery Newfie.

I knit passably well.

I don’t remember what it is like to be bored.

I am now a Nationally Board Certified teacher.

I drink beer–I hadn’t done that since college.  Mostly Coors Light because it tastes the best of the low-calorie beers, though I prefer a Session or Kokanee or Stella D’Artois.  Or my neighbor’s home-brewed Ginger Beer.  I used to drink wine–mostly Sauvignon Blanc–but after babies I now get a headache while I drink the first glass.  Boo.

I garden, providing all sorts of yummy goodness for our table.  In addition, I am actively involved in the Columbia Falls Community Garden.  I learned how to can food.

I don’t know what it is like to not wake up to the slightest sound.

I cook…and I even regularly use more than 4-5 ingredients.  I can even improvise, although I still like the safety of a recipe.

Added 2/14/13:  I care more about avoiding things such as GMOs, pesticides, commercial fertilizers, etc.

Just a few things…I’m sure there are more.  Without question, I am different because I am a mom to two completely awesome kids whom I adore and enjoy.  I am less selfish, more contemplative, more realistic, and a whole lot sillier.  And I am very, very happy.  I was happy 11 years ago…but I also had  anxiety about too many things.  While I still worry, I am better recognizing what I can control and what I cannot, which has permitted me to release senseless feelings of disquiet.

Vita bonum est.

preganant croppedWhat about you?  In what small ways have you changed over the last decade?