What I am Knitting Today

What I am Knitting Today

Yes, I jumped on the fingerless mittens bandwagon today.

Even though this is my first attempt at something like this, I realized that it really isn’t that hard…I should probably try full mittens or gloves. But I have a feeling gloves would require a lot of kitchener stitch, which, quite frankly, I don’t do very well. (Don’t look at the toes of those baby socks too closely, Marisa!)

These will be for my acupuncturist, Melissa, whether she wants them or not. She has such a wonderful soul, and I want to thank her for bringing some pain relief, better sleep and relaxation to my life. She is traveling to Nepal next month to participate in a World Healing Exchange, working with locals and Tibetan refugees. I was trying to think of something that might be useful for her in the mountains there. I will tell her if she doesn’t want them then she should give them to someone in Nepal who might need something of that sort.

The pattern is called Yak’s Fingerless Mitts (fitting, perhaps).  I used Lion Brand Homespun, colorway Edwardian.


What I Knit Today

My first ever sock! Well…I guess Murphy’s stocking is technically my first sock, but it didn’t seem sock-like. And actually, I frogged and reknit the heel-foot-toe of this one so many times that I feel as if I’ve actually knit 4 or 5 socks, but this is my finished product, at last.

These (when I finish the other one) will go with the hat I knit earlier this week. There are a TON of mistakes in this…clearly picking up and knitting is not my strength, and my kitchener stitch needs practice…but it looks like a sock to me!

Forgive me for posting before I finish its pair. I’m doing a little celebratory “I knit a sock” dance. Cross your fingers…I think I might be able to make the next one the same size!

photo (17)

The pattern is The Perfect Little Baby Sock.

Update! All of the pieces together:


What I Knit Today

This baby hat is for my very dear friend Marisa, who lives ridiculously far away.  She already has two beautiful little girls, and is now getting ready for her first boy.  I didn’t have any baby blue on hand–but I will be sure to get some.

It  follows the umbilical hat pattern in Stitch n’ Bitch.  I cast on fewer stitches because I was using a bulkier yarn.  Size 7 dpns, Lion Brand Homespun in Montana Sky.

photo (16)

887712_10151347050975886_1801167284_oIt is crazy how different the color can look depending on where I take the picture.

What I Knit Today

I stayed home from work today.  I’ve had a headache for days, so I decided to give myself some TLC to see if I can kick it.

One of the teachers at my school just came back from maternity leave, and I had yet to make her something for her new baby girl.  When she had her baby, I was already woefully behind in my Christmas knitting.  After spending a few days trying to decide what to make, I decided to try to replicate one of the little bear ear hats I have seen on Ravelry.

I wanted to use the pink Bernat Pipsqueak yarn I had bought last year when I first started knitting; I still have a bunch of it because it isn’t very easy to work with, especially for a newbie.  It is hard to see the stitches, and the fluff gets everywhere!  Still, the resulting fabric is incredibly soft and cuddly.

I’m not terribly impressed with how this turned out.  My decreases look lumpy–I had to modify the CO because I didn’t have the right needle size for the pattern I was loosely following.  I am not good at guesstimating that sort of thing.  I’m pretty sure the attached ears are uneven.   It looks like it may be a little too big, as well.  When I laid out the hat to take a picture, it looked decidedly like a pink Kermit the Frog.

My colleague is going to get it anyway. I will make it up to her with something else–something I can actually knit with some skill!


pink kermit

What I’m Knitting Today

photo (15)This will be a hat for my cousin Laura’s baby, due mid April, as long as he stays put. He has been making moves to arrive a bit earlier.

The pattern is called “Fetching Inspired Hat“.

I am using yarn from my stash–Serenity Chunky in Walden Pond.  I’m a little worried it might be too small.  If so, the baby’s big sister Roo can use it with her dolls.

The tightness of doing cables in chunky yarn is making my hands ache a bit.  And although I like using bamboo dpns when knitting in the round, I generally prefer the slippery nature of metal needles.

UPDATE:  Finished!