Finishing Up Christmas

I had this great idea this year–seasoned knitted that I am (you know, with my entire year of experience) I decided that I would knit Christmas presents for my extended family in Florida, Minnesota, Michigan and South Carolina. FIrst I decided to make ornaments–which I thought turned out rather nicely, after a bit of practice. Then I decided that wasn’t enough, so I chose to knit my oldest sister and grandma a set of wash/dishcloths, while my middle sister and mother would get a fluffy blanket each. My cousin gets a scarf, and her husband will get a hat. I should have started sooner, I guess.

Everyone received their ornaments on time, but I’ve been playing catch up ever since to fulfill the IOUs I sent along with them. It was really hard on me to not have everything complete–expectations NOT met. Not even close. I am making progress, however…2 blankets, 3 washcloths, 1/2 a hat to go!

Next year I will start a bit earlier.

Who else has been similarly “too” ambitious during the holiday season?

Some of the ornament patterns I used:



IMG_0407 IMG_0387 IMG_0397