To Write a Speech

Yesterday I was asked to speak at the National Honor Society’s induction ceremony at the high school where I teach.  I am truly honored to be asked, although I know that it is quite possible that many others were asked and they refused and I was simply the next name on the list.  And I know why they would have hypothetically refused…speaking in public can be terrifying. But I have always told myself that if students cared enough to ask me speak at any occasion, I would not refuse.

I can speak in front of my students, obviously.  No problem.  I have the normal first day of school jitters, but that is about excitement rather than terror.  On my first day of student teaching, though, I remember shaking so thoroughly I could hardly form words.

I still get somewhat nervous speaking in front my colleagues. One year, when a dear friend of mine retired, I gave a little speech in her honor, but I was fortified by an adult beverage…pretty sure that wouldn’t fly at the NHS ceremony.

Anyway, now I need to write the speech.  I would like to center my speech on the topic of being the best human being you can be, and the best advice ever given.


So I need your help…what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?  What bit of wisdom would you impart to high school students that you wish you had known at their age?