A Simple Trick to Sitting Without Back Pain (That I Should Have Learned a Long Time Ago!)

My back has never been super healthy.  I have a rather swayed back (memories of my mom telling me to “tilt” come to mind when I write that), and I have ridiculously poor posture, especially at the computer.  When I attempt to sit with proper posture, my back gets really fatigued and maintaining good posture is very difficult.  Catch-22.

Until Sherri’s magic trick!  At yoga, my instructor Sherri suggested that one could just slip a rolled up towel or the edge of a folded blanket under the tailbone.  I suppose you could buy one of those “wedge” pillows, too.  It forces your body forward a bit.  Miraculous!  Amazing!  I was able to sit on the floor at my kid’s karate belt test for two and a half hours with this neat little tip.

Why am I just learning this after 40 years?  Did the rest of you know?  Why didn’t you tell me?

Happy sitting!