On Not Blogging for a Few Days

So, I have to figure out this blogging thing.

I love to write, and I have really loved having this outlet.  However, I have also found myself increasingly obsessed with things like “views” and “visitors”.  I am naturally competitive, especially against myself, so I am always trying to push my number higher.  I would write every day–maybe two or three times a day, and constantly check my stats.

It was beginning to seem like a second job.  Overjustification effect–when you already like to do something (like write) and then are rewarded by it (by visitors and views) it decreases to desire to perform the behavior.

I forced myself to take a few days off.  I have been ridiculously busy anyway–for some reason, this weekend became an out and about weekend for my husband and I, who are normally rather home-body-ish.  There is this amazing new brewery a block or two from our house…it is awesome and itis “yikes” because it is soooo easy to stop in any old time.

desert mountain

Home away from home.
photo by Kelley Christensen

We went to the high school’s academic endowment ball.  We went out to eat.  We went to the bar our friends own up the line.  We went to an Irish bar to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We went to our neighbor’s for corn beef and cabbage.  And beer.  Wowzers.  A busy weekend for sure!!!

I would have these pangs of guilt–feeling like I really needed to write a blog post.  I even knew what I was planning to write about.  Then I thought–life is about living, not writing it down.

I enjoyed my weekend immensely.  I will write a new blog post tomorrow.  I will not fret over the enormous dip in visitors and views.  This isn’t a competition.  I will live life first, and write about it second.  Maybe.  If I have time.